All the power of the Barbarian in the game Diablo IV

All the power of the Barbarian in the game Diablo IV

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Welcome to the basic skill set of Barbarian in Diablo IV.

Barbarian Diablo IV

In most Diablo versions, the Barbarian is one of the most popular character classes. This is a class of near-war characters with great damage, enduring defensive capabilities and thick blood.

The barbarians are also quite diverse in the way they play. There will be many different ways of character development for players to choose from focusing on physical damage, strengthening defences, or using special skills to defeat enemies.

Following, invite you to the basic skill set of Barbarian in Diablo IV:

Basic Skills of the Barbarian

  • Bash: Attacking the enemy has a chance to overthrow
  • Destroy the enemies and make them bleed.
  • Frenzy: Fast attack, with the speed of attack increasing over time
  • Lunging Strike: Rise forward and attack enemies
  • Fury Skills

Fight the enemy in front of you, causing damage and bleeding in seconds.

  • Hammer of the Ancients: Throw the hammer down with the anger of the ancients, causing damage to a concentrated area.
  • Double Swing: Turn the weapon in both hands, the enemy caught in the center receives double damage
  • Upheaval: Throw your weapon to the ground and drag it forward to throw a wave of crumbs on your enemy.
  • Whirlwind: Turn long swords and attack enemies around.

The Defense Skills.

  • Rallying Cry: A loud, buff scream gives yourself and all your teammates the ability to accelerate and reduce damage perceived in seconds.
  • Ground Stomp: Break the ground, overwhelming the nearby enemy for a few seconds.
  • Undying Rage: Upon receiving a deadly injury, the Barbarian has a few seconds to fight for his life. Killing enemies in time will recover and heal your wounds.
  • Challenging Shout: Increase your defensive capabilities and draw enemies close to you.


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