Caliber – a free shooter now available on Steam

Caliber – a free shooter now available on Steam

19/04/2023 04:02 Easetv


Caliber is now available for free on Steam.


Caliber is a shooter game developed by KOG Studios and published by Smilegate. In Caliber, players will be involved in 4-person squad PvP matches, where they will face other opponents in the optional maps.

The characters in the game have their own characteristics and skills, along with a variety of different weapons and equipment to choose from. Players will have to work together to win the match, including coordinating tactics and playing right to their role.


One of the highlights of Caliber is its diverse character system, which gives players a variety of options to adapt to their style of play. From killers with the ability to destroy remotely to warriors who specialize in near-destruction, each character in the game can play a crucial role in combat. The characters are also developed through upgraded and equipped systems, providing players with unique gaming experiences and incredible feelings.
In addition, Caliber also has a strong community system, with regular tournaments and events held. Players can participate in tournaments to win attractive rewards or simply connect with other players to share experiences and share experiences.

In summary, Caliber is a great squad shooter, with many remarkable features and diverse character systems. If you love team-building games and are looking for a new shooter game to try out then this is an option that you can’t ignore. Caliber is now available for free on Steam.


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