Everyone Loves Elephant Mario, Thicc King

Everyone Loves Elephant Mario, Thicc King

22/06/2023 02:19 Easetv


The June Nintendo Direct showed off plenty of surprises including a new 2D Mario game called Super Mario Bros. Wonder. And while the new Mario game looks lovely, it ended with a showstopper: Elephant Mario. We have seen approximately 1.5 seconds of Elephant Mario and we are ready to die for him.

Now to be clear, Mario has donned animal-themed suits lots of time in the past. Raccoons, frogs, penguins, even kitty-cats as immortalized in the recent Super Mario Bros. Movie. But all of those suits are just that: suits. They uniformly look like Mario putting on a pair of footie pajamas.

Elephant Mario is different. This isn’t Mario in an elephant suit. This is Mario as an elephant. Like an elephant happened to find 10XL-size overalls and grew out a beautiful mustache. Just look at this thicc king.


For obvious reasons, Elephant Mario was an instant sensation. He immediately inspired Twitter reactions, Photoshops, and some shockingly speedy fan-art. You can check out a selection of the reactions below.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder releases October 20.




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