Hitman 3 Roadmap: A Journey Through the World of Assassination

Hitman 3 Roadmap: A Journey Through the World of Assassination

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As Agent 47 embarks on a new series of high-stakes missions in “Hitman 3,” players are not only drawn into the thrilling world of assassination but also presented with a roadmap that guides them through an evolving gaming experience. The concept of a roadmap has become increasingly common in the gaming industry, offering players a clear path to the future of their favorite titles. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the “Hitman 3” roadmap from its announcement to post-launch updates, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the adventures that lie ahead.


The Roadmap Unveiled

Pre-Release Hints (2020)

Hints of a roadmap for “Hitman 3” began emerging well before the game’s official release. IO Interactive, the game’s developer, had built a reputation for providing ongoing support for their titles, including the previous two entries in the Hitman series. As a result, players had high expectations that “Hitman 3” would follow suit.

The Vision (2020)

In August 2020, IO Interactive gave players their first glimpse of the roadmap for “Hitman 3.” They described a vision for the game that would span several months post-launch, with new content and exciting updates to keep players engaged. This roadmap promised a mix of free content and expansion packs that would expand the World of Assassination.

The Journey Begins: Post-Launch Content

Season of Greed (January 2021)

Upon the game’s release in January 2021, the first major content update arrived in the form of the “Season of Greed.” This update introduced new escalation contracts, featured targets, and other in-game events. Escalation contracts challenge players to complete missions with increasingly complex conditions, while featured targets are time-limited challenges that require precision and skill.

February Roadmap (February 2021)

In February 2021, IO Interactive unveiled an extensive roadmap for “Hitman 3.” This roadmap laid out the game’s content plan for the entire month, including new contracts, featured targets, and an Elusive Target mission. The Elusive Target missions are particularly exhilarating as they offer a single chance to assassinate a target with no margin for error. Players must be on their toes and make every shot count.

A World of Assasination Expands: New Locations and Missions

The Breathtaking Mendoza (February 2021)

In February, players were treated to the breathtaking location of Mendoza, Argentina. This new location was a vineyard set in the heart of wine country, providing an idyllic yet sinister backdrop for Agent 47’s missions. With new challenges and opportunities for creative assassinations, this addition to the game was a hit among fans.

The March Roadmap (March 2021)

The roadmap for “Hitman 3” continued to unfold, promising an exciting month of content in March. This included an elusive target mission in Berlin, the Berlin Egg Hunt, and the release of the Berlin location for Contract mode. The Egg Hunt event added a layer of fun to the game, encouraging players to explore Berlin and hunt for hidden Easter eggs while eliminating targets.

The Anniversary Celebration: One Year of Assassinations

One Year of “Hitman 3” (January 2022)

January 2022 marked the one-year anniversary of “Hitman 3.” To celebrate this milestone, IO Interactive released the “Anniversary Escalations.” These escalations were designed to challenge even the most seasoned players, providing a true test of their skills. The Anniversary Escalations were part of a series of in-game events and challenges, offering players an opportunity to relive the excitement of the past year.

Roadmap for 2022 (January 2022)

With the arrival of the new year, IO Interactive laid out their roadmap for “Hitman 3” in 2022. This roadmap promised more content, including new locations, missions, and challenges. Players were assured that the World of Assassination would continue to expand, providing endless opportunities for creative kills and strategic gameplay.

The Future of the World of Assassination

The Upcoming Expansion (2023)

As “Hitman 3” approaches its second anniversary, IO Interactive has hinted at an upcoming expansion for the game. While details remain scarce, the mere mention of a new expansion has generated excitement among players. The developer’s commitment to post-launch content has been evident, and players can expect new missions, locations, and challenges to be part of this expansion.


The “Hitman 3” roadmap has been a journey of excitement and intrigue, offering players a clear path through the World of Assassination. From the pre-release hints to the post-launch content updates and the promise of a future expansion, the roadmap has kept players engaged and immersed in Agent 47’s world.

As we’ve explored the various chapters of the “Hitman 3” roadmap, it’s evident that IO Interactive is dedicated to providing a robust gaming experience. The mix of free content and expansion packs has kept players excited and invested in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned assassin or a newcomer to the series, “Hitman 3” has proven that it’s not just a game at launch; it’s an evolving world of assassination that continues to captivate players with its creative challenges and thrilling missions.


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