Honkai Star Rail: Everything You Need to Know About Building Clara

Honkai Star Rail: Everything You Need to Know About Building Clara

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Building the perfect character in Honkai Star Rail may seem like an intimidating task at first, but with the right strategies and knowledge, it can be achieved. Among the cast of heroes, Betty and Clara are two of the most prominent and popular options. In this article, we’ll be focusing on Clara and her build, discussing the best ways to optimize her strength and abilities.

Introduction to Clara

Clara is a powerful and versatile character in Honkai Star Rail. She is a Psychic type who has the ability to manipulate time, and her primary weapon is a bow. Clara’s Ultimate skill can stop time and launch a barrage of arrows, doing massive damage to enemies while also stunning them for a short period. Her playstyle is focused on dealing damage from afar, while also having the ability to evade and avoid getting hit.

Clara’s Attributes

Before we delve into building Clara, it’s important to understand Clara’s strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these attributes will help players build her in a way that best suits their playstyle and the situations they may find themselves in.


– Long-range attacks: Clara excels in ranged combat, using her bow to deal damage from a distance.
– Time manipulation: Clara has the unique ability to manipulate time, allowing her to launch deadly attacks and evade incoming attacks.
– Ultimate Skill: Clara’s Ultimate skill, Time Prisoner, is one of the most powerful in the game. It allows her to stop time, launch a barrage of arrows, and stun enemies for a short period.


– Fragile: Clara’s defense is relatively weak, making her susceptible to incoming attacks.
– Slow attacks: While Clara’s attacks are powerful, they are also slow, leaving her vulnerable to attacks if not properly timed.
– Requires skill: Clara’s abilities and skills require good timing and skills to execute properly. It may take some time for players to master her.

Building Clara

When building Clara, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure she is optimized for maximum effectiveness. Here are some tips to help players create the most powerful version of Clara possible.

Primary Weapon

Clara’s primary weapon is her bow. Her bow attacks can deal significant damage if the player hits the enemy’s weak spot, making it a deadly weapon in her arsenal. As such, players should aim to build her bow to maximize her critical damage. The ideal weapon for Clara is the Mandate of Heaven bow. This weapon has the ability to increase the critical rate and critical damage of its user while reducing the duration of negative conditions. To upgrade the weapon, players will need to use Honkai Cores, which are gained by breaking down Honkai beasts or using Honkai fragments.


Stigmata is another essential component when building Clara. Stigmata can provide additional stats and bonuses to a character, increasing their ability to deal damage, evade attacks, and survive longer in combat. The ideal Stigmata set for Clara is the Schrödinger set. This set enhances her time control ability, increasing her damage and reducing the cooldown time. The set also provides some survivability bonuses, making Clara more durable in combat. To acquire the Schrödinger set, players will need to participate in events or use crystals to purchase them from the game’s shop.


Clara’s abilities and skills are critical to her effectiveness in combat. As such, players should focus on leveling up Clara’s skills to maximize their potency. The three critical skills to focus on upgrading are:

– Easy Time: Clara’s basic skill that increases her attack and skill damage while decreasing the cooldown. This skill should be maxed out as soon as possible.
– Spatial Shift: A skill that allows Clara to teleport a short distance, repositioning herself to avoid incoming attacks. Upgrading this skill increases the distance that Clara can teleport while decreasing its cooldown.
– Time Prisoner: Clara’s Ultimate skill. This skill should always be maxed out as it maximizes the abilities’ damage and stun duration while decreasing its cooldown.


While building Clara may seem intimidating at first, understanding her strengths and weaknesses and focusing on upgrading her essential components will help players build a powerful and efficient character. To create the ultimate Clara, players should focus on upgrading her bow to increase her critical damage, acquire the Schrödinger Stigmata set to boost her time control ability, and maximize the potency of her critical skills and abilities. With the right build, Clara can become a deadly force on the battlefield, dominating enemies with her unparalleled time-manipulating abilities.


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