How to Minecraft – Create! Explore! Survive! The basics for getting into the game!

How to Minecraft – Create! Explore! Survive! The basics for getting into the game!

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Welcome! Minecraft is a game where you get to build things and go on quests. It’s both a survival game about surviving in a magnificent environment and a creative playground where you can make practically anything.


As we realize that Minecraft’s learning curve might be steep, we’ve put together this beginner’s guide. Have faith; you’ll soon be an accomplished miner.

The sections under “Starting Off” and “Survival Advice” should be your first stops in this manual. But, there is no “wrong” way to enjoy Minecraft. How do you plan on navigating Minecraft?

Advice for Getting Started and Staying Alive (a Great Place to Begin!)

  • To Make Something Is My Desire!
  • Let’s Make Something!
  • I Wish to Travel the World Over!
  • The Monsters Must Be Slain!
  • Read on to discover the process!


Choose Singleplayer from the Main Menu, and then click on Build New World. Observe this:

Having a reliable food source and hiding from dangerous creatures are the keys to survival. Fortunately, erecting a safe haven is simple. Use your bare hands as a primary mining tool to smash trees and dirt into blocks. These cubes will show up in your toolbar and be ready for immediate placement.

Make sure there is no way for monsters to enter your shelter while you construct it. Focus on staying alive for now, and worry about adding doors, windows, etc. afterwards! Night is when monsters are most active, so it’s best to hole up indoors until morning.

There are animals around, and they usually just take a few of hits to kill. Meat they drop is a source of nourishment and healing. If you’re vegetarian or just don’t like bashing pigs with pickaxes, don’t worry; you can still find plenty of fruit and vegetable options. You know, you make a good point.


First, let’s knock down some trees. When the tree falls, the bricks that make it up will shatter and scatter logs. The primary premise of Minecraft is to break (or “mine”) a block using whatever means necessary, move it to a new location, and then place it there.

Bring up the storage menu right away. Everything you’ve ever picked up from traveling the globe is right here. Your private crafting space is the four blocks on the right side of the screen. Toss some logs into a designated woodworking space. A fifth square will suddenly be filled with four wooden planks. Simply add items to your inventory by dragging and dropping.

We refer to this as “crafting.” You may have realized by now how simple it is.

Build up to a total of four wood planks. Finally, arrange them like so in your workshop, and you’ll have a workbench fit for any craft. You may now pick up your crafting table and set it down in the real world by dragging it to your toolbar. Simply approach it and click to open a brand new (and improved) crafting window. The larger 3×3 grid in this area will allow you to create more intricate recipes. “Recipes” refer to the specific combinations of ingredients used in a certain making process. To make a pickaxe, for instance, you’ll need three boards and two sticks.


The above advice on getting started and surviving will teach you how to construct a safe haven. Just taking blocks from one location and shifting them to another is the essence of construction. But if you’d rather construct without having to worry about staying alive, Creativity Mode is for you.

You can’t die in Creative Mode, you have access to all blocks, and you can fly (double-tap jump)! Ideal if you want to put all your attention on constructing.

Choose Single Player, then Build New Planet to enter Creative Mode. Then, maintain pushing the button labeled “Game Mode” until “Game Mode: Creative” appears.


Your world is full of amazing sights. Scenes of frigid snow, scorching deserts, aquatic wildlife, and more await you. You don’t need tools to explore, though a rudimentary pickaxe is helpful if you plan on venturing underground (click here for help making one). Choose a course and set out on foot! or speeding! If you are not “falling,” then you are on the right track. Don’t forget the ocean! It’s possible to swim for hours in Minecraft without tiring.

There is a wide variety of resources available for additional investigation. A pair of Elytra wings, it is said, will allow you to soar above it all.


Unless you’re taking a nap underwater or trying to drink lava, you’re probably safe during the day in Minecraft. Nevertheless, when darkness falls, creatures will emerge. Then let’s get some training in!

The weapon in your hands is less important than your own competence with it. In the right hands, a pickaxe, shovel, or even bare fists can be lethal. Time your strikes so that zombies and spiders come into your range just as you are about to hit them.
If you can master the timing, you’ll soon be slaying monsters with ease. Swords, bows, arrows, and even toughening elixirs will become available to you later on. You’ve got what it takes to make it in Minecraft’s harsh environment. Have fun!

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