Tips for obtaining money, vehicles, and real estate in GTA Online

Tips for obtaining money, vehicles, and real estate in GTA Online

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GTA Online has been around for almost a decade, so new players have a solid foundation to build on. Follow these tips to get up and running, and you’ll soon be able to hold your own against experienced players.

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1. Finish the tutorial for GTA Online.

You must first finish the instructional part in order to begin playing GTA Online. Those with the full GTA 5 game, which includes GTA Online, might still need to finish the main single-player game’s Prologue in order to gain entry, but if they’re playing the solo GTA Online edition, they should be able to hop right in.

Before being sent into Los Santos to meet some familiar folks and pick up the ropes, you’ll be guided through a character creation to specify your appearance and personality. The GTA Online Career Builder feature has also been released to help you jumpstart your illegal organization with a hefty cash infusion. Although skipping the training is an option, it’s not recommended if you want to have a good understanding of how things operate.

2. Get a reliable automobile and a garage

We say “purchase,” but for the princely sum of “bugger all,” you can actually choose one of the best sports vehicles in the game. Simply sign up for Rockstar’s Social Club to receive a free Elegy RH8 (opens in new tab). When you do, you’ll be the proud owner of this two-door speedster that is similar to the Nissan GT-R. It’s an excellent option for races because of its excellent traction. If you want to prevent other customers from stealing your brand-new motor, make sure you invest in loss/theft prevention at LS Customs. To keep your automobiles safe, you should also invest in a garage. At $25,000, the Unit 124 garage on Popular St. is probably the finest option for newcomers with limited funds; you can get it from the Dynasty 8 website.

3. Continue to profit

Online Los Santos is a dangerous place, and any money your aspiring thief has on them could be taken by other gamers. Make sure to cash your coin so you don’t lose all the money from your previous employment. There are two methods to do this. The traditional method is to go to any of the ATMs scattered around Blaine County and Los Santos. Alternatively, you may use the Quick GPS on the Interaction Menu (hold down the touchpad/view button) to find the closest ATM. But, it is far more practical to just open the web browser on your phone, navigate to the Money area of the Maze Bank website, and deposit money there. The cold, hard cash somehow appears in your bank account—we have no idea how—but it happens!

4. Save some money and own a business.

After years of upgrades and expansions, there are now a wide variety of illegal companies you can start, from nightclubs and arcades to celebrity agencies and drub labs, however each one requires a significant investment in real estate and equipment to get started. To avoid spreading your resources too thinly across numerous projects, you should thus take a look around to see what enterprises are available before concentrating on one to begin started. Don’t stress about needing to buy everything at once when choosing a location to set up your business. There will frequently be many add-ons available for a fee, but you can go back and bolt these on later.

5. Take a helicopter.

Although San Andreas is a sizable area of land, hijacking a helicopter can save a ton of time. When you consider that even one of Elitas Travel’s less expensive “copters,” the $780,000 Buckingham Maverick, will drain your bank account, you’ll be glad you stole a whirly bird. At Los Santos International Airport, close to the flying school, is where you’ll likely find the easiest one to steal. You can hop the surrounding fence and take it for yourself with some deft driving. Let the criminal activity soar!

6. Invest in a luxurious apartment

You must reach level 12 in GTA Online before you can take pleasure in the fantastic heists. Importantly, you will also need to purchase a high-end apartment if you want to plan these multi-part projects yourself and hence have control over how the take is split up. The “cheapest” of these posh apartments, which are essential for robbery preparations, can be found in Del Perro Heights. Using the phone of your character, go to Dynasty 8 Real Estate to purchase the house for $200,000. In this article on how to buy a house in GTA Online, we go into further detail about how to acquire properties.

7. Be on the lookout for Weekly Events

Rockstar regularly hosts weekly events that provide players twice as much RP and twice as much money for participating in specific game modes, usually centered on a single theme. Keep an eye out for details on these events on Rockstar’s Newswire(opens in new tab), as taking part frequently entitles you to weekly discounts on vehicles and real estate.

8. Be polite to earn rep.

In GTA Online, it generally pays to act well, just like in real life. A “Good Sport” medal will be given to you if you frequently assist other players during jobs and avoid trying to take advantage of them by stealing their vehicle or money or randomly killing NPCs. Typically, the bonus in question takes the form of extra money or Reputation Points. You can see that getting along with everyone in your session is beneficial.

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9. Finish all story missions.

After a while, playing through GTA Online’s wide variety of deathmatch kinds and races can start to feel a bit generic, so try the story missions for something more unique. Lamar, Gerald, Simeon Yetarian, and many other characters from GTA 5 have tasks with lots of cutscenes for you to complete. The majority of these theft activities have a pleasant human feel to them, and doing them rewards you with money and job/reputation points. You can get to them by opening the task list from the pause menu, then selecting one.


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