Top Perfect Combinations in Wild Rift’s Ultimate Spell Book

Top Perfect Combinations in Wild Rift’s Ultimate Spell Book

16/04/2023 08:09 Easetv


There are countless choices, but the combinations below have left an indelible mark on the Wild Rift’s Ultimate Spell Book mode.

Since its launch, The Book of the Ultimate has received the fierce reaction of the Wild Rift community thanks to the exciting gameplay of “1-0-2”. Through days of experience, players have created hundreds of new combinations to make games crazy and exciting than ever before. So far, there have been a lot of strange “dicts” that have appeared and received high favor from the overwhelming majority of players.

Before the end of the event, finding the perfect gameplay becomes more important than ever. So, let’s point through the combinations that any gamer should try in this exciting mode.

Veigar and the final Ashe

Veigar has always been one of the potential dangers of the Runeterra battlefield. This magician has the ability to advance infinite power, becoming extremely annoying in the late game phase and can always one-shot any paper-blooded general. However, his only disadvantage is his ability to slow down, requiring precise situation guessing and alignment.

Therefore, a finisher with unpleasant control, quick timing and wide-ranging effects like Ashe would be a perfect choice for Veigar in The Book of Magic. Certainly influenced by dozens of controlling skills, even for the opponent with countless tactical towels it is difficult to get rid of Veigar easily.

Yasuo and Leesin/Vi

Certainly for Vietnamese gamers, the fact that this list does not mention Who is really a shortcoming. With the well-known Hasagi phrase and the proverb “hitting is jumping in”, surely the end of the “wind shaking” brand of this guest swordman is the skill that many gamers brothers desire to show in the process of the game.

In the Book of the Supreme Miracles, the percentage of accomplishment of this trick will become many times easier when Yasuo gets the final trick of Leesin/Vi. With the ability to specify specific targets, the player will just have to crush the enemy and perform two beautiful finishes. Although it is unknown how effective it is, it is impossible to deny the aesthetic element that this combo brings in the burning games…

Galio and the final Nunu

It can be asserted that Nunu’s final capture is an extremely powerful capture with an abundant amount of damage when sufficient storage is achieved. However, deploying this craft effectively is not an easy matter. Because, just standing still, the opponent will be able to take advantage of the huge animation of the craft to find a way out of the danger zone.

However, when combined with Galio’s final attraction, the target will be pushed out for a period of time sufficient to fight. Thus, in order to optimize the potential to increase the damage of the Nunu end, the coordination with Galio’s end is entirely logical.

Akali + final attraction Evelynn

A combo of virtual variables, combined with a virtual variable, what will the outcome be? It would be the extreme discomfort and the possibility of entering a “crazy” battle that few generals could do like Akali.

It may sound like a headache, but in reality, Akali will be much more maneuverable with Evelynn’s final. For gamers who are not familiar with the standard combo manipulation of this false ring, having more skill to withdraw, as well as the actual domination will help to experience the “Akali dance” rising up like a dwarf encountering the wind. Of course, the perfect use of this combination also requires the player to work hard to get the best results.

Zed and Kayle’s Final

In essence, the Dark Lord had an incredibly powerful set of skills. He didn’t need any additional tools enough to destroy the prey he was targeting. However, the disadvantage of Zed is its strong thinness with the blood bar, the amount of armor and resistance is not much better than any other.

Correcting that, Kayle’s ultimatum was a gift to Zed to survive longer in chaotic battles. With immortality and damaging immunity, Zed will surely have more time to promote the maximum damage of the ultimate goal, while “turning” to escape many times safer than before.


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