Uncovering the Cursed Secrets: All Curses in Sea of Thieves

Uncovering the Cursed Secrets: All Curses in Sea of Thieves

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“Sea of Thieves” has carved its name in the gaming world as a treasure trove of adventure and mystery on the high seas. Amidst the treasure hunts, ship battles, and hidden isles, players can also encounter a set of unique challenges known as Curses. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll embark on a journey through the curses that add depth and challenge to the game, delving into their origins, effects, and how to overcome them.

Setting Sail – An Introduction to Curses in Sea of Thieves

Curses in “Sea of Thieves” are special challenges or afflictions that players can acquire during their adventures. These curses serve as both blessings and burdens, adding an extra layer of depth and strategy to the game. Each curse has its unique effects, requiring players to adapt their playstyle to overcome the challenges they present.

Origins of Curses

Curses were introduced to “Sea of Thieves” as part of the Cursed Sails update in August 2018. These updates are a testament to Rare’s commitment to regularly expanding and enhancing the player experience. The introduction of curses brought a new dimension to the game and gave players additional objectives and challenges to pursue.

Obtaining Curses

Curses can be acquired in various ways. Some are earned through in-game accomplishments, while others may be bestowed by interacting with mysterious and supernatural elements. These curses can affect players’ appearance, movement, and gameplay in a variety of ways.

The Dark Curse – The Curse of the Order of Souls

The Curse of the Order of Souls is one of the original curses introduced in “Sea of Thieves.” This curse transforms players into spectral pirates, giving them a ghostly appearance.

Curse Effects

When affected by the Curse of the Order of Souls, players’ characters take on a ghostly pallor, with their skin appearing pale and ethereal. This transformation is purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect gameplay, but it adds a unique and eerie visual element to the character.

Embracing the Curse

While this curse doesn’t hinder gameplay, some players choose to embrace it and create ghostly-themed characters, adding a layer of role-play and storytelling to their adventures on the high seas.

A Heavy Burden – The Curse of the Grog

The Curse of the Grog is a particularly challenging affliction in “Sea of Thieves.” It is bestowed upon players by taking a drink from a cursed grog barrel.

Curse Effects

The Curse of the Grog causes players to become perpetually intoxicated. This means that your screen will be constantly swaying, making it challenging to navigate, aim, and perform various tasks on your ship. It’s a particularly tricky curse to overcome, and players often struggle to adapt to the altered gameplay experience.

Overcoming the Curse

To remove the Curse of the Grog, players must consume a tankard of regular grog. This counteracts the cursed effects and restores sobriety. The challenge is acquiring regular grog, as it’s often in short supply on the high seas.

A Lively Affliction – The Curse of the Skeletons

The Curse of the Skeletons, often referred to as the “Skeleton Curse,” is an intriguing and sometimes amusing affliction in “Sea of Thieves.” It’s related to the world of skeletons, which players often encounter during their adventures.

Curse Effects

When under the Curse of the Skeletons, players take on a skeletal appearance. This curse affects the character’s skin, giving it a bony, almost undead look. It’s a purely cosmetic alteration, and like the Curse of the Order of Souls, it doesn’t impact gameplay.

Adding a Theme

The Curse of the Skeletons adds a fun and thematic element to the game. Players often embrace this curse as part of their role-playing, creating skeleton-themed characters that fit perfectly with the game’s pirate setting.

A Frightening Transformation – The Curse of the Sorrow

The Curse of the Sorrow is a unique affliction, associated with a specific in-game event called the “Fort of the Damned.” It’s one of the more involved curses to obtain in “Sea of Thieves.”

Curse Effects

The Curse of the Sorrow transforms players into ghostly wraiths. While this is largely cosmetic, the curse also affects the way you interact with in-game items. When cursed, your character cannot touch or pick up valuable items like chests, skulls, or artifacts.

The Fort of the Damned

To remove the Curse of the Sorrow, players must participate in the Fort of the Damned event. Completing this event and defeating the Greymarrow will lift the curse, allowing you to interact with valuable items once more.

A Fiery Trial – The Curse of Flameheart’s Shroud

The Curse of Flameheart’s Shroud is tied to a specific in-game event known as “Flameheart’s Heart.” This curse is often associated with challenges and battles in the world of “Sea of Thieves.”

Curse Effects

The Curse of Flameheart’s Shroud engulfs players in an eerie, dark aura, making them visible from a distance. This curse is primarily cosmetic but can have strategic implications. It’s often a hindrance in PvP encounters, as it makes players more conspicuous to other crews.

Trials and Rewards

Obtaining the Curse of Flameheart’s Shroud is a result of engaging in battles during the Flameheart’s Heart event. It serves as a mark of honor for participating in these challenging encounters.

The Hidden Curse – The Curse of Binding

The Curse of Binding is a hidden curse that players can discover by interacting with a mysterious and supernatural element in the game.

Curse Effects

The Curse of Binding affects a player’s ability to interact with in-game items. When bound, players cannot drop or hand over certain items, which can complicate gameplay, especially during events or when interacting with others.

A Mysterious Affliction

The Curse of Binding is a bit of a mystery, often catching players by surprise. It adds an element of unpredictability and challenge to the game, keeping players on their toes.

Overcoming the Curses – Strategy and Resilience

While curses can pose challenges, they can be overcome with the right strategy and determination. Players have devised methods to adapt and thrive even under the most challenging curse afflictions.

Adaptation and Teamwork

Adapting to curse effects often requires teamwork and communication. Crew members can assign specific roles based on their curses, making the most of their unique situations.

Strategy and Preparedness

Having strategies in place to mitigate curse effects can make a significant difference. Whether it’s keeping grog on hand to counteract the Curse of the Grog or working together to overcome the Curse of the Sorrow, preparation and coordination are key.


Curses in “Sea of Thieves” add a layer of depth and challenge to the game, encouraging players to adapt and persevere. These unique afflictions, from the humorous Curse of the Grog to the thematic Curse of the Skeletons, offer players a chance to embrace creativity and role-play. As players navigate the high seas, overcoming curses and thriving in the face of adversity, they continue to uncover the rich and ever-evolving world of “Sea of Thieves.”

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